Meet Ryan, Executive Chef at Seed Restaurant

On support systems and a passion for learning

Hyatt Regency Malta’s Executive Chef Ryan always dreamt of embarking on a culinary career, and he got his first taste of what working in the kitchen is really like during his teenage years. During the summer of the year when he turned 16, Ryan worked as a waiter at a local 4-star hotel, where he experienced the skill and dedication that goes on behind the scenes in a restaurant. He’s come a long way since then and has since worked alongside some of the island’s most prominent chefs in 5-star hotels and renowned catering companies.

Behind the man in the apron, however, lies a strong support network that he credits for him being able to reach this point. “I consider myself to be very lucky as I always had the support of my parents back when I started and that of my wife and kids nowadays in whatever I do to achieve my goals,” says Ryan. “This industry is always a learning process, so I need to always keep up my game to improve my skills and keep working hard.”

For the past 12 years, Ryan has formed part of the Maltese National Culinary Team and won several local awards, including Junior Chef of the Year and Chef of the Year in two consecutive years. Alongside the national team, Ryan won two bronze medals in the Culinary Olympics and the Culinary World Cup. Ryan also competed in Slovenia and Italy for the Global Chef Challenge, finishing in third and fourth place respectively in the South Europe selection. Furthermore, he won three silver and four bronze medals in competitions in Turkey, Scotland, Germany, and Luxembourg.